Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee Salmon

Back greenish-blue with faint speckling. The sides and belly are silvery and scales slip easily when dangling. No distinct spotting on dorsal fin or tail as in the rainbow. Anal fin rays generally number 14 to 16. During spawning in the fall, skin becomes leathery and turns dark red to bright scarlet and the head turns dusky green. Occurs in Lake Tahoe.

Spawning Male Kokanee Salmon

During the spawning period male kokanee turn a bright red on the back with reddish to olive colored sides. The spawning habits of kokanee are like other true salmon and all adult fish die after spawning which occurs in their third or fourth year. Female kokanee turn a lighter red in color and retain a body shape similar to a trout, while the male develops a large hooked snout with many irregular teeth, a hump back and a musky green head.

Bodies Of Water

  • Lake Tahoe

  • Counties

  • Carson City
  • Douglas
  • Washoe