Smallmouth Bass

Dark olive to brown on back, sides bronze, belly white. Five dark vertical bands on sides. Eyes reddish. Dorsal fin with 9 or 10 sharp spines without a deep notch separating them from the soft rays. Upper jaw when closed does not extend beyond the rear edge of the eye. Found in only a few waters in Nevada such as the Humboldt River, Dry Creek Reservoir, South Fork Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, all in Elko County, Rye Patch, Carson River, Lahontan,S.F. Owyhee River, S.F. Humboldt River, Shoshone Creek, Lake Mead and Wall Canyon reservoirs.

Bodies Of Water

  • Barth Pit
  • Dry Creek Reservoir
  • Humboldt River
  • Humboldt River - Eureka
  • Humboldt River - SF
  • Humboldt River - Elko
  • Humboldt River - Pershing
  • South Fork Reservoir
  • Wall Canyon Reservoir
  • Wildhorse Reservoir

  • Counties

  • Elko County
  • Carson City
  • Churchill
  • Douglas
  • Eureka
  • Humboldt
  • Lyon
  • Pershing
  • Washoe