Spotted Bass

Spotted bass have a fairly large mouth that extends to the eye but not beyond the rear edge when the mouth is closed. This characteristic distinguishes it from the largemouth bass where the back of the mouth does extend past the eye. Young spotted and smallmouth bass have an orange color in the center of their tail, juvenile largemouth bass do not. Otherwise spotted bass have a similar coloration compared to a largemouth bass. Both have a black stripe that extends laterally down the side of the body instead of the vertical bars of a smallmouth bass. Spotted bass have rows of spots on their lower sides below the dark lateral stripe, these are faint or absent on largemouth bass. Adults typically 10-15 inches and 1 pound or less but can reach 21 inches and just over 5 pounds.

Bodies Of Water

  • Humboldt River - Pershing
  • Lahontan Reservoir
  • Rye Patch Reservoir
  • Squaw Creek Reservoir

  • Counties

  • Churchill
  • Lyon
  • Pershing