Wildhorse Returns to Five Fish Limit

wildhorse-trout-fishingThe emergency special regulation adopted in June that lifted the limit on trout at Wildhorse Reservoir expires on October 15, 2013. Starting October 16, 2013, the general regulation of a five trout possession limit returns, which allows anglers to harvest and have in their possession five trout from Wildhorse Reservoir and all inlet and outlet streams including Penrod Creek up to the bridge below the Gold Creek Ranger Station.

Even though Wildhorse Reservoir water levels have diminished to 19% capacity as of October 11, 2013, no evidence of a fish kill appeared despite the unfavorable water conditions of low volume, high algae and warm summer water temperatures.

Late August thunderstorms along with cooler nighttime temperatures within the region of Wildhorse helped reduce the chance of a fish kill in August and September by cooling surface water temperatures, which increased dissolved oxygen levels in the upper water column.

Recent surveys indicate resident trout are doing fair to good and angling success continues to improve throughout the fall, with average size of rainbows checked in the creel measuring 17-18 inches by shore and boat anglers alike.

With both the State Park and Sho-Pai boat ramps well out of the water due to the low lake levels, boat launching is limited to small boats, with a landing mat style boat launch located on the north side of the Hendrick’s Arm, directly across from the Sho-Pai concrete boat ramp.

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