Laws and Regulations

Licenses, Tags and Permits

  • NRS 502 - Licenses, Tags and Permits
  • NAC 502 - General Provisions for Wildlife Licenses, Tags and Permits

Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

  • NRS 503 - General Provisions: Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, Miscellaneous Protective Measures
  • NAC 503 - Hunting, Fishing and Trapping: Miscellaneous Protective Measures

Wildlfe Management & Propagation

  • NRS 504 - Management and Propagation
  • NAC 504 - Management and Propagation

Fur Dealers

Wildlife Violators Compact

  • NRS 506 - Wildlife Violators Compact

Nevada Boating Laws & Regulations

Off-Highway Vehicle Rules and Registration

Commission Regulations

  • Commission Regulations are created by the Nevada wildlife commission for Nevada's wildlife, fishing, hunting and boating management. View their available regulations.- ‘Commission Regulations’ is it’s own page with info from
  • More info on the NDOW Commission 

County Regulations

  • County Regulations - Hunters must also abide by the regulations in the county in which they are hunting. Please check with the County Sheriff's department for more information. -‘County Regulations’ is its own page with content from the county section of also have a
  • Clark County Firearm Discharge Map

Questions in regards to the application and initial fee should be directed to NDOW at (775) 688-1500.