Rest Your River



"Rest Your River" is a public outreach campaign designed to urge anglers who frequent the Truckee River (and other drought impacted Nevada waters) to focus their fishing efforts to the early morning hours and allow the fish in the system to "rest" during the heat of the day. Due to the ongoing drought, the river’s fish population is under stress caused by extremely low flows and the resulting high water temperatures.

NDOW, along with local businesses, is requesting that anglers fishing the Truckee River this summer do so between sunrise and 11am or when water temperatures are below 68 F. Water temperature heats up throughout the day and when flows are critically low, as they are now, there is nowhere for fish that live in the river to go to escape the heat. Warmer water temperatures also lead to lower dissolved oxygen levels in the water that is crucial to a fish’s ability to "breath". Both of these factors place immense stress on a fish and when the element of fishing pressure is added it may be too much for them to tolerate and survive. By limiting the hours in the day that anglers are actively pursuing fish to the time period when water temperatures are cooler and more tolerable to the trout, we can alleviate some of the stress upon these populations which will allow for more survival through the summer. It is expected that the fish populations in the river will suffer this summer and there will be some mortality but by taking ownership of "our" river the public, along with NDOW and local businesses can help to protect an extremely valuable resource.

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