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…a boat on Nevada’s interstate waters; however, NDOW recommends everyone get their boating education card before heading out on the water. Learn Now Boating Education Learn more about required boating

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Rules & Regulations

…of Nevada Boating Laws Unsure about certain boating laws? The Nevada Handbook of Boating Laws is your one-stop shop for all things boating in Nevada. Buy the Handbook Read the…

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Rules & Regulations

…Download Today – Android BOATING General Boating Laws Boating Under the Influence Paddle Sports Safety Life Jackets Personal Watercraft Handbook of Nevada Boating Laws Unsure about certain boating laws? The…

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Boating Under the Influence

BOOZE AND BOATING DO NOT MIX Boaters need to remember that booze and boating DO NOT mix. Alcohol impairs your ability to operate a vessel safely in the same way…

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Welcome to Your WildLife

…in Nevada. Learn Learn Boating Registration, safety and education. From Lake Tahoe to Lake Mead and everywhere in between, check out Nevada’s amazing boating opportunities. Learn Learn Hunting Seasons, regulations…

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Nevada Law Enforcement Agencies to Participate in Nationwide Crackdown on Boating Under the Influence

…and illegal drugs also impairs judgment and reaction time and creates dangerous circumstances while boating. “Drinking and boating is never a good idea, but it’s a really bad idea this…

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…safety of the boating public. Game Wardens enforce the wildlife and boating laws passed by the state legislature and regulations set by the Nevada Wildlife Commission. The Law Enforcement Division…

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Outdoor Education

…Nevada BOATING EDUCATION Did you know that 70% of all boating fatalities occurred on boats where the operator did not receive boating safety instruction? That’s why Nevada boaters born on…

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Plan Your Fishing Trip

…For whatever reason you choose to get out and fish, it is best to be prepared. The following pages will help you find the type of fish near you, the…

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Bonus Point Program

…management hunts. Those points cannot be transferred to another person or into another species category. Applicants are only able to accumulate one bonus point per species category each year. So,…

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