Fishing Report: 7/02/22

Eastern Region

Eastern Region updates provided by Joe Doucette with Elko Fly Shop

Angler Jeff Petersen holds a 10 lb. wiper he caught at Wildhorse Reservoir

Happy 4th of July everyone!  It looks like it is going to be a hot weekend weather wise, so stay cool and well hydrated if out hiking, camping or fishing this weekend. Wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink lots of water.

With warmer weather and sunny skies, weed growth is picking up at most of the area reservoirs.  While aquatic weeds are a hindrance to anglers, they can also help you find fish.  Weeds have aquatic insects associated with them, which are trout food and the weed banks can also act as structure. 

The downside is that weeds grow in the warmer water of the lake while trout like the colder oxygen rich water.  But early in the morning and late in the evening as the water is cooler, the trout will often patrol the weed edges looking for food.  Bass will also use the weed beds as ambush cover while waiting for bait fish to come by. 

Anglers can use this to their advantage, fishing over the tops of the weeds and around the edges of weed mats that are found in the shallower water.  If you are a bait fisherman, use a bobber to control the depth of your presentation.  Spin fishermen should use shallow diving minnow imitations, spinnerbaits or soft plastic baits fished weedless.

Fly rodders have several options.  Use a floating line with a fluorocarbon leader that sinks and fish the tops of the weeds with a damsel fly nymph.  You can also use a sink tip or an intermediate sink line to get your fly to the depth you want and then give a short quick strip to make the fly “swim” straight up a few inches and then settle down towards the weeds.  Often a strike will occur as the fly settles down towards the weeds.

Along with the warmer weather, trout are going to be in shallow water for the earliest part of the day so anglers will have the best luck from around 5:30 am to 9:00 am.  After that, they head to deeper, cooler water.

Just a reminder that we are in a drought and the hot dry conditions across Nevada have both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) putting fire restrictions in place.  Before heading out check their respective websites for current restrictions and what is allowed and what is prohibited.  As always, fireworks are prohibited on many of our public lands.

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WesterN Region

Our urban ponds are just starting to shift into summer mode with the coming heat. Some of the warmer ponds will start to see the stocking slow or stop for the season. Wilson Commons, Mitch Park Pond, and the Verdi Ponds all hold some warmwater species that can be fun to target when trout fishing slows. Stocking will continue at some of the cooler ponds including The Sparks Marina, Marilyn’s Pond and Baily Pond. The best method for summer is definitely a salmon egg under a bobber on light line. Many of the ponds have vegetation that takes hold of the bottom making fishing deep a real challenge. Small spinner can also be effective when the water is cool early and late in the day. Fly fishing with small terrestrial dry flies or peacock body nymphs should work well into summer.

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LAs Vegas Urban ponds

Bluegill are taking mealworms and night crawler pieces at the city ponds. Hotdogs and night crawlers are working for catfish. Sunrise and sunset have been the most productive time for anglers. Due to heat related concerns, the Nevada Department of Wildlife will not stock the ponds during July.

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