Fishing Report: 5/23/24

Photo: Mike Wheable of Ely, NV reeled in this monster Northern Pike during the Save Comins Lake Pike-Out event held on May 11, 2024 at Comins Lake. The fish weighed in at 25.88 lbs and measured 43.75 inches. More info below.

Eastern Region

Stocking, stocking and more stocking! Eastern region waters are full of recently stocked fish. From rainbow trout to wipers, there’s something for every angler to pursue. In the month of May, these fish were stocked in the following waters:

  • Channel Catfish: South Fork Reservoir, Jakes Creek Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir and Willow Creek Pond
  • Wipers: Wildhorse Reservoir
  • Large Mouth Bass: Jiggs Reservoir and Cold Creek Reservoir
  • Rainbow Trout: South Fork Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, Wilson Sink Reservoir, Jiggs Reservoir, Carlin Pond andWillow Creek Pond

On Saturday, May 11th, 135 anglers joined forces at Comins Lake in Ely, NV with the goal to fish out as many Northern Pike as possible. The event was called “Save Comins Lake Pike-Out,” as we are attempting to prevent losing the fishery like has happened in the past. Pike are detrimental to the fishery, due to their aggressive behavior and quick reproduction rate. Participants were entered in age-group categories with a chance to win prizes for biggest pike (lbs) and most pike. Local angler Mike Wheable (pictured above) stole the show when he landed the winning fish weighing in at over 25lbs! If you’d like to try out pike fishing at Comins Lake for yourself, check out the info below:

  • Pike are post-spawn right now and are expected to be in deeper water actively feeding.
  • Try throwing flashy spoons (red and white stripes are popular) or trout-like swimbaits.
  • Please note that NDOW has placed radio tags in several Northern Pike. Any pike over 24 inches in length that have transmitters can be removed from the lake. These pike will have an orange floy tag near their dorsal fin and a small antenna (~ 7 inches long) coming from their stomach.  Please return these fish to the water for research purposes. 
  • The current health advisory from the Nevada State Health Division recommends that pike from Comins Lake should not be consumed due to mercury levels.

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WesterN Region

Spring is here and fishing in the Western region is on fire. Nearly all of our community ponds are loaded with stocked trout and most of our rivers have yet to fill up with snow runoff. The Truckee and East Walker River are prime and fishing very well but you expect that to change with a little spring heat and the snow melt. Many of our winter hatches are beginning to slow but the summer bugs should be right on their heels. Flows and temperatures are prime for trout and the bass fishing should start to heat up with the warmer weather.

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LAKE MEAD – Anglers have been reeling in stripers near Government Wash and Kingman Wash. The line sides seem to be favoring anchovies right at sunset. Most stripers are between 1 and 3 pounds. Black bass are taking bluegill and shad crankbait patterns, shad-look swimbaits and spinnerbaits. Catfish are biting on the anchovies in coves with depths nearing 30 feet or more.

LAKE MOHAVE/ WILLOW BEACH – Stripers are hitting anchovies early in the day all over the reservoir. Both catfish and stripers taking anchovies just above Davis Dam. Stripers are also taking swimbaits thrown from boats and kayaks.  Rainbow trout are biting on rainbow and glitter PowerBait along with brightly colored tubes. Anglers have been catching largemouth and smallmouth bass in the shallows using creature baits and crankbaits.

LAUGHLIN – Anglers are still catching rainbows through Casino Row and towards the Big Bend area from the shoreline as well as boats. The trout are hitting small night crawlers and PowerBaits along drop offs. Small stripers are taking pencil poppers and anchovies all along the river. Boaters are reeling in larger stripers closer to Davis Dam.

LAS VEGAS COMMUNITY PONDS – Anglers are catching catfish with night crawlers and stink bait. Bluegill are hitting mealworms and red worms at the community ponds. There have been a few trout caught in the early mornings before they look for cooler water in the depths during the warm afternoons. Rainbows are chasing Rooster Tails and PowerBait fished off the bottom.  

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA – Fishing has been good overall. Adams-McGill is producing10- top 12-inch rainbows for anglers using Rooster Tails and dark-colored Woolly Buggers. Small lures and flies with red and gold colorations are a good option for trout this time of year. The bass and crappie bites are starting to pick up at Cold Springs and Haymeadow.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR – Anglers are catching trout by combining a night crawlers and mini marshmallow. Fly-fishers are catching both trout and bass with Woolly Buggers and Hare’s Ear Nymphs in brown or black.

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR – The action has really picked up the past couple of weeks. Early mornings and evenings have been the best time to find fish. Anglers are catching trout, bass and crappie using a variety of baits and lures. Li’l Jakes and Rooster Tails are great for aggressive trout. Fly anglers are using size 8 Woolly Buggers in olive and black colorations. 

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