Aquatic Invasive Species
Prevention Program

Do your part to help protect Nevada’s waters from Aquatic Invasive Species.


Aquatic Invasive Species


The AIS decal requirement was established to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic species threatening Nevada’s waterways. The decal supports AIS monitoring and research, provides AIS prevention through outreach and education, and provides seasonal watercraft inspections and decontamination stations. The AIS decal also supports enforcement of AIS prevention laws. Many aquatic invasive species, including quagga and zebra mussels, have been transferred from one body of water to another through contaminated watercraft transporting standing water. Remember to always clean, drain and dry.

All watercraft using Nevada waters are required to display an Aquatic Invasive Species decal. Costs for the decal are $13 for motorized watercraft and $6 for non-motorized watercraft.

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