Wildlife Discovery

Whether or not you realize it, we are living with wildlife on a daily basis. From the microscopic bugs we can’t see to the birds flying in our backyard, it’s all around us. There are most likely many other critters with whom you share your environment with such as squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, snakes, bears, and many more! Just like we have adapted to our surroundings, whether it is in a city or rural setting, wildlife does the same.


Nevada has a diverse landscape that ranges from towering mountains to low-lying arid deserts. An abundance of wildlife as unique and diverse as the state itself is found within Nevada’s borders. These include: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Explore more about these amazing animals— you might even see some of them on your next adventure!


Wildlife sightings near your home present an amazing opportunity to view wildlife. Simple sightings of these animals passing are something to be enjoyed. Every once in a while a wildlife sighting can be considered a public safety hazard. However, if your safety is at risk, you have an encounter with a black bear or a mountain lion, or if an attack occurs, contact the Department of Wildlife’s Dispatch office.

If for any reason you are unable to contact dispatch, please contact your local police or sheriff’s office, or the Nevada Highway Patrol, and ask them to reach one of our game wardens.

Please explore our resources to learn how to reduce the chances of an adverse wildlife encounter, what to do when you find a baby animal and who you can contact to learn more.


About Wildlife In Your Neighborhood?