Get Outside BINGO – 2023

NDOW’s 1st Annual Get Outside BINGO Game kicks off September 17, 2023!

The game is simple and fun to play. First download the 2023 Get Outside Bingo Card and pay attention to our social media accounts each morning to find out what the #GetOutsideBINGO outside activity of the day is. To check off one of the boxes on your BINGO card you will need to do that activity the same day. Each day that you complete the announced outside activity you’re one step closer to a BINGO, which is five completed activities in a row!

Of course we want you to complete as many of the squares as you possibly can but for those of you who want a chance to win prizes we will be giving out prizes to the first 17 people to get a BINGO! We are going to use the honor system when it comes to declaring winner(s) so please be respectful of others and be honest. When you do get a BINGO please send an email to right away, with BINGO in the subject line, if you’re one of the first 17, you win!

Now, why we are kicking things off on September 17th, and why are we giving out prizes to the top 17? The answer is because it is part of our #Take17 campaign which encourages people to spend an average of 17 minutes outside, every day. People who spend 120 minutes a week outside (which is an average of about 17 minutes a day), in nature, are happier and healthier than those who don’t, and we want people to soak up all of the health benefits that nature provides! So even after this year’s #GetOutsideBINGO is over make sure you make #Take17 a part of your daily routine.

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