Top 10 Big Game Resources


So, you want to apply for Nevada Big Game tags but you aren’t sure where to start. Well, check out this handy list of Top 10 resources you will need to do your homework and make your decisions about which tags you will apply for.

2019 Big Game Tag Seminar  

  1. What’s New and Notable Season Overlaps: Changes to the big game seasons and important advisories for certain hunts and seasons.
  2. Bonus Points: Current and previous years draw results by bonus point category. 
  3. Hunt Information Sheets: Valuable information for each unit group about the terrain, vegetation, recommended hunting spots, road access, gas stations, etc.  
  4. Application Deadlines and Dates: Important deadlines and dates for big game tag application deadline. 
  5. Big Game Season Tables and Special Hunts: List of Season Dates by Species, Weapon Class and Unit Group along with description of all the special hunts offered. 
  6. Hunt Unit Maps: Download, print or view interactive maps online. 
  7. Application and Draw Eligibility: Restrictions and guidelines for application and draw eligibility by species/subspecies, and animal class (i.e., bull vs cow elk).  
  8. Hunts Stats: current and previous year’s hunt results and basic tag demand statistics. 
  9. Big Game Seasons and Application Regulations Brochure: Everything you need to know about the current big game seasons, regulations, and application process. 
  10. License Tags and Fees: The cost of resident and nonresident licenses, tags, and application fees.
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