Top 10 Big Game Resources


So, you want to apply for Nevada Big Game tags but you aren’t sure where to start. Well, check out this handy list of Top 10 resources you will need to do your homework and make your decisions about which tags you will apply for.

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  1. What’s New and Notable Season Changes: Page 9 of the Nevada Big Game Seasons and Applications book lists important information for 2024, new hunts, season changes, and other important hunt updates to be aware of when applying for tags.
  2. HuntNV: This new hunt planning tool includes an interactive hunt unit map, harvest data, draw data, and bonus point data. The map can be filtered by many different hunt options. Click on a hunt to find even more detailed information. Explore the tool to start planning your adventure!  
  3. Hunt Information Sheets: Hunter information sheets are put together by game biologists to help hunters be more prepared. Each sheet has information on access, recommended hunting areas and comments from the biologist. Information sheets are specific to species and unit group.
  4. Application Information, Important Dates and Draw Eligibility: Important application information, deadlines and dates for big game tag application deadline and information on draw eligibility for different species and animal class (i.e. bull vs cow elk).  
  5. Specialty Hunts: Learn more about our specialty hunts. Here you will find more information about Silver State Tags, Partnership in Wildlife (PIW) Tags, Nevada Dream Tags, and Heritage Tags.
  6. Hunt Unit Maps: Download, print or view interactive maps online. 
  7. Bonus Points: Here you will find documents outlining how many people applied for specific hunts and how many bonus points they had. Each document is labeled by species, sex, weapon class, and year.
  8. Hunts Stats and Checkout Summaries: current and previous year’s hunt results and basic tag demand statistics. The checkout summaries contain information on bighorn sheep and mountain goats harvested in Nevada. Information includes unit of harvest, approximate animal age, the approximate location the animal was harvested, and more.
  9. Big Game Seasons Tables: All 2023-2024 big game hunting seasons. For more information on current big game seasons, regulations, and the application process, you can also view our Nevada Big Game Hunting Seasons and Applications book.
  10. License Tags and Fees: The cost of resident and nonresident licenses, tags, and application fees.
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