New Trail to Provide Improved Access To Truckee River

Sparks, NV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is excited to announce the development of a new trail that improves access to a portion of state land along the Truckee River in Sparks, providing the community with more opportunity to enjoy the Truckee River corridor. NDOW partnered with the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail, Nevada Division of State Lands, Washoe County Parks, and Granite Construction Company to complete the new trail system in an undeveloped, underused area that connects to Washoe County’s Lockwood Park trail system.

“The quickness with which this project came together highlights how partnerships between state agencies, recreational users, and private businesses can benefit everyone,” said NDOW Fisheries Biologist Travis Hawks, who has been leading the project on behalf of NDOW. “The development of this trail and improved access to fishing, wildlife viewing, and recreating will benefit the community as a whole.”

Work on this project began last summer after the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail non-profit approached NDOW with the idea of constructing a trail, similar to other trail systems along the Truckee River, on the state-owned land. NDOW jumped on the opportunity and began coordinating with Tahoe-Pyramid Trail engineers on development plans for the property. NDOW worked with other partners on proper permitting and permissions. Granite Construction Company donated about $30,000 in material, equipment, and labor to lay base material for a foot path, construct two bridges and install fencing.

“We look for projects and involvement that impact the community. This one is close to our Lockwood facility, so we thought it was a great partnership between the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail, NDOW and Granite Construction to give back,” said Granite Construction Environmental Manager Tina Mudd. “Providing more access to natural places like this gives us the opportunity to educate people on how valuable the resources are and how they need to be maintained and protected.”

Work is scheduled to be complete by the end of the week. The community can access the area by parking at the Lockwood Park trailhead and taking the Lockwood Loop about 300 yards upstream.

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