Digital Tools

Find all of your digital tools to help you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest here!

Find the best digital tools to help you spend more time outside. Whether you are looking for a new hiking trail or need an app to help track how much time you spend outside, we have all the best tools for you here!

AllTrails – Everything Trail Mapping

No matter where you live there is a trail near you and you can find it using AllTrails. This interactive website has pictures, maps, and ratings for trails throughout the country.

Merlin Bird ID App – What bird is that?

Want to know what birds are in your backyard or the park that you visit? The perfect tool for the job is the Merlin Bird ID app. This handy app can identify birds by sound or photo. Download the app and learn all about the birds in your neck of the woods.

Nevada Trail Finder – Nevada Trails Mapping Tool

A web-based “One-Stop-Shop” for trails throughout Nevada. The Nevada Trail Finder connects you to current information and maps for all kinds of trail-based activities.

Naturedose – Track your time spent outside!

Naturedose is an app that helps you track how much time you’re spending outside! Download the app, set your goal, and start tracking how much time you’re spending outside today. See how your time stacks up each week, month, and year!

Neon to Nature – Discover your Southern Nevada trails!

Beautiful walking and biking trails are featured in the Neon to Nature mobile app which lists over 1000 miles of trails in the Las Vegas Valley. Each trail listing includes trail information and photos, along with detailed map descriptions of the trail’s location, length, and various amenities.

Fish NV – Find new fishing hotspots!

An interactive, web-based map tool focused on Nevada fishing, FishNV is your go-to resource to learn where all of Nevada’s 534 fishable waters are!

iNaturalist – Identify Wildlife!

iNaturalist is an interactive app built to help you identify plants, wildlife, and insects you encounter! Learn about how you can become a citizen scientist and start identifying interesting critters today!

Outerspatial – Discover new places to hike or camp!

The Outerspatial app connects you to communities, parks, and public land for you to recreate with family and friends. In Nevada you’ll find fantastic maps for all of our Nevada State Parks, Forest Service trails and more!

Seek – Identify Wildlife for All-Ages!

Brought to you by our friends at iNaturalist the Seek app is kid-safe and allows people to identify plants, wildlife, and insects without having to share any data!

Missing Tool – What are we missing?

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