Dacey Reservoir at Kirch WMA

– Dacey Reservoir is located on the Kirch Wildlife Management Area (formerly Sunnyside). The reservoir was constructed in the early 1960’s primarily as a water storage area for regulating Dacey Marsh downstream.

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Fishing Report

Anglers can only use artificial lures in Dacey, no baits at all. Bass are actively hitting 3-inch minnow plastics in white. Anglers are using small jigs and nightcrawlers fished below a bobber to entice trout while keeping their bait off the bottom. Anglers can expect to find windy and warm days ahead. Winds can come up quickly, so anglers should pay attention to the weather forecast and be prepared to alter their plans as needed. With seasonal weed growth underway, anglers may want to use weedless hooks.

Dacey Reservoir at Kirch WMA Angler Information Guide


Pertinent Information

*Lures only reservoir. The reservoir is 185 surface acres at full capacity and is managed at a high, stable level to maintain a natural bass fishery and waterfowl nesting area. Trout experience excellent growth with many over 12 inches. Largemouth bass fishing is slow until water temperatures reach 60°F, which occurs about mid-May and continues through October. Spinner baits and rubber worms are the most commonly used lures for bass. As the water temperature cools, bass fishing declines and rainbow trout fishing picks up. If ice becomes thick enough to support anglers, ice fishing can be good for catching trout. Rainbow trout baits prefer chasing spinners, and flies. Dacey Reservoir has a rough, unimproved boat ramp, which is not suitable for larger trailered boats. Camping is allowed at Dave Deacon Campground located four miles northwest of the reservoir.