Jiggs Reservoir

Jiggs Reservoir, also known as Zunino Reservoir, is an irrigation impoundment built in 1912. The dam is located on private land, while the majority of the shoreline is BLM. The public can access the entire reservoir. The reservoir was improved in 2015 by deepening to allow a stable low pool area and sealing to reduce leaking.

Type of water
Lake or Reservoir
Fishing Report

Almost dry and no fish.


Stocking Updates

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Pertinent Information

The reservoir covers 45 surface acres with a maximum depth of 10 feet. Rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and bluegill sunfish occur in the reservoir. Most forms of bait such as nightcrawlers, Power Bait, and salmon eggs are successful for trout as well as using small spinners, spoons, or flies. Typical bass fishing techniques such as throwing spinner baits, topwater lures, and rubber worms work best. Spring through early summer and ice fishing in winter are the most productive times to catch trout. Bass fishing is best in late spring and early summer. The entire perimeter of the lake is fishable and the north and south sides of the dam are easier to access. Using a float tube, canoe, of car top boat is a easy way to reach open water. There are no developed camping facilities, but there are numerous primitive sites and restrooms adjacent to the reservoir.