Lake Mohave/ Willow Beach

Lake Mohave was created in 1951 following the construction of Davis Dam on the Colorado River southeast of Las Vegas. It is located within the Lake Mead Recreational Area and is administered by the National Park Service.

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Fishing Report

Largemouth and smallmouth bass have been biting in the mornings and in the evening when the sun is behind the mountains.  Stripers in the one-to-four-pound range have been caught off  Willow Fishing Pier or towards Katherine’s Landing. North of Cottonwood Cove, anglers have caught some sunfish on night crawlers and jigs. Catfish have been caught throughout the lake, mainly at night using anchovies.


Stocking Updates

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Pertinent Information

The 64-mile long reservoir covers approximately 30,000 surface acres, with a maximum depth of 120 feet. It is subject to fluctuating water levels, usually about 15 to 20 feet. The upper 20 miles of the reservoir lies within Black Canyon and is cold all year from Hoover Dam’s deepwater releases. The remainder of the reservoir is warmer and more open. Game fish include striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill, and channel catfish. The best time of year to fish for striped bass is April through November in the early morning, evening, or at night using live shad, frozen anchovies, or lures. Trolling or still fishing from 40 to 100 feet deep with bait or lures imitating trout or shad are best. Largemouth Bass are generally found among root wads, cattails, and other vegetation and cover. Smallmouth bass can commonly be found along rocky reefs and points. March through June is generally best for black bass using rubber worms, night crawlers, spinner baits, or crankbaits. During colder months, use slow fishing techniques like jigs and drop shots. Fish structures have been added to Box, Bass, Solicitor (immediately north of Cottonwood Cove), Carp (on the Arizona side two miles southeast of Cottonwood Cove), Princess, Prospect, Shoshone (on the south end of the Arizona side approximately 5-miles north of Katherine’s Landing), and Arrowhead coves (about 1-mile south of the Princess Cove launch ramp). These structures occur in less than 35 feet and are visible from the surface. There are marinas with launch ramps at Willow Beach and Katherine’s Landing (CA) and in Cottonwood Cove (NV). Developed camping is available at Cottonwood Cove and Katherine’s Landing. Shoreline camping is permitted and campers should carry out their trash and provide for adequate sanitation. Bring plenty of drinking water since temperatures can exceed 110°F