Liberty Pond

Fallon Naval Air Station Seabees and Churchill County Parks and Recreation Department constructed Liberty Pond in 1998. It is considered an urban fishery for those living in Fallon.

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Type of water
Community Pond
Fishing Report

Our urban ponds are just starting to shift into summer mode with the coming heat. Some of the warmer ponds will start to see the stocking slow or stop for the season. Wilson Commons, Mitch Park Pond, and the Verdi Ponds all hold some warmwater species that can be fun to target when trout fishing slows. Stocking will continue at some of the cooler ponds including Marilyn’s Pond and Baily Pond. The best method for summer is definitely a salmon egg under a bobber on light line. Many of the ponds have vegetation that takes hold of the bottom making fishing deep a real challenge. Small spinner can also be effective when the water is cool early and late in the day. Fly fishing with small terrestrial dry flies or peacock body nymphs should work well into summer.


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
500 Channel Catfish1005-11-2022500
500Rainbow Trout10.405-09-20221020
520Rainbow Trout10.304-28-2022520

Pertinent Information

The pond covers 1.2 surface acres and has an average depth of 7 feet. Water is fed by an irrigation ditch and, at times, it has gone dry after the irrigation season. An aeration system provides oxygen to increase fish survival during the summer months. There is a fishing pier having a large well area in the center to fish. Trout are managed for put-and-take and are stocked in the spring. The best trout baits include Power Bait, nightcrawlers, corn, and salmon eggs. Warmwater fish may include bluegill, largemouth bass, and channel catfish since they have been stocked on occasion. Nightcrawlers, mealworms, small red worms, and small spoons or spinners are great for catching these species. The park has a restroom and picnic tables.