Owyhee River, East Fork

The East Fork of the Owyhee River is the tailwater below Wildhorse Dam which was built in 1937.

Type of water
Fishing Report

As of 09/12, the East Fork of the Owyhee below the dam was flowing at 3.04 cfs while at the gauging station in Mountain City is showing 21.2 cfs.


Pertinent Information

The East Fork of the Owyhee River is subject to large flow swings ranging from about 15 cfs to 1500 cfs in the spring. The first 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile below the dam the fish are mostly reservoir fish and larger in size. Below that wild rainbows predominate averaging 8 to 15 inches in size. There are approximately 6 to 7miles of fishable stream in the canyon below the dam. Once the canyon starts to widen, private land becomes an issue.