Paradise Pond

In 1958, the late Roger Teglia purchased the gravel pit that was to become Paradise Park Ponds. Rainbow trout were successfully reared there and then sold to anglers. In 1964, the ponds and adjacent property were sold to the City of Reno; it is run by the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department. The Nevada Department of Wildlife has stocked the ponds since 1965 primarily with rainbow trout. Between 1997 and 1998, the north and south ponds were deepened and sealed, and an aeration system was installed to keep the pond oxygenated.


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Fishing Report

Our urban ponds are just starting to shift into summer mode with the coming heat. Some of the warmer ponds will start to see the stocking slow or stop for the season. Wilson Commons, Mitch Park Pond, and the Verdi Ponds all hold some warmwater species that can be fun to target when trout fishing slows. Stocking will continue at some of the cooler ponds including Marilyn’s Pond and Baily Pond. The best method for summer is definitely a salmon egg under a bobber on light line. Many of the ponds have vegetation that takes hold of the bottom making fishing deep a real challenge. Small spinner can also be effective when the water is cool early and late in the day. Fly fishing with small terrestrial dry flies or peacock body nymphs should work well into summer.


Stocking Updates

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Pertinent Information

The Paradise Pond complex consists of two large ponds and two small ponds that accumulate about 24 surface acres. The larger ponds are about 18 feet deep and have numerous boulder structures that enhance fish habitat. These two ponds are the ones stocked with rainbow and brown trout, bluegill, and channel catfish. Bait fishing for trout with nightcrawlers or Power Bait is best, but throwing small spinners or spoons also produces fish. On occasion, large channel catfish have been caught. Accessible fishing piers are found at the north and south ponds.