South Fork Reservoir

South Fork Reservoir was built in 1988 with recreation specifically in mind. It lies entirely on public land managed by Nevada Division of State Parks.

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Fishing Report

Surface water temperatures have moved into the mid to high 60’s and fishing for bass has been good. With the warmer temperatures and sunny days the algae and the weed beds at the south end of the lake are growing.  Fishing has been fair to good for 15 to 20 inch trout for spin, bait and fly rodders.  Wiper fishing has been fair to good with a few nice fish in the six to 10 lb. range being taken.  Bait anglers seem to be having the best luck with worms floated off the bottom about 20-30 feet from shore in six to 10 feet of water.  Fly fishermen report that fishing has also been fair to good for trout. Most are being caught with chironomid (midge larva) patterns fished under an indicator. Damsels are hatching and damselfly nymphs and dries are catching fish. Black or red snow cones with a white bead and contrasting red or black wire ribbing have also been working. Black, olive or purple wooly buggers and leech patterns are other patterns to try. Mayflies are hatching so the usual Mayfly patterns such as pale morning duns (PMD’s), Adams, light Cahills and blue winged olives should work. Spin fishermen should be using gold-colored spinners or lures for trout.   Bass are taking dark soft plastic baits with sparkles in colors such as blue, motor oil, purple and dark green. Crankbaits are also working for bass as are poppers in low light still water conditions. Anglers also report catching wipers trolling the same soft plastic baits.  South Fork was stocked with 500 wipers and 10,000 catfish last month.  It has also been stocked with approximately 41,000 trout this spring.  Both smallmouth and largemouth bass may be kept.  The limit is one black bass 15 inches or longer.


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
6480Rainbow Trout9.2 04-22-20226480
13080Rainbow Trout9.104-25-202219560
6000Rainbow Trout9.404-25-202225560
7380Rainbow Trout8.804-26-202232940
3015Rainbow Trout9.104-28-202235955
2168Rainbow Trout9.7 04-29-202238123
3400Rainbow Trout8.4 05-09-202241523
7500Channel Catfish5 05-10-20227500

Pertinent Information

South Fork Reservoir comprises 1,640 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 67 feet at full capacity. It stores excess flow from the South Fork Humboldt River and is operated to release only the amount of water that flows in. The reservoir contains rainbow, brown, and bowcutt (rainbow x cutthroat hybrid) trout along with smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, wipers (striped bass x white bass hybrid), and channel catfish. Harvested rainbow trout average about 16 inches and bowcutt trout are usually greater than 19 inches. Black bass reach up to 21 inches and wipers range from 6 to 12 pounds. Most bait such as nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, and Power Bait are best for trout, along with small spinner, spoons, and tied-flies. The typical small- and largemouth bass fishing lures such as rubber worms, crankbaits, spinner baits, and topwater work great; however, the abundance of natural feed can make angling success at times tough. Catfish are caught using the typical baits such as chicken livers, nightcrawlers, and large shrimp. Spring through early summer is the most productive time for anglers catching trout; however, fish the early morning hours in summer. Ice fishing during the colder months has also produced good results. The best bass fishing occurs in late spring. The entire perimeter of the reservoir is fishable with numerous access sites, but float tubing is very popular. South Fork State Park has a campground facility along with a few primitive camping spaces around the reservoir. Two improved, concrete boat ramps are located within the park on both sides of the reservoir.