Verdi Pond

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Type of water
Community Pond
Fishing Report

The Verdi Mill ponds are occasionally stocked by US fish and Wildlife with Lahontan Cutthroat trout. The best fishing can be found in late May-September for the green sunfish.


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
1377Cutthroat Trout 8.204-18-202430818
1500Cutthroat Trout 8.204-16-202429441
1511Cutthroat Trout 8.004-11-202427941
1500Cutthroat Trout 8.004-09-202426430
1500Cutthroat Trout 8.004-04-202424930
1500Cutthroat Trout 8.004-02-202423430
1512Cutthroat Trout 8.003-28-202421930
1500Cutthroat Trout 8.103-26-202420418
1533Cutthroat Trout 8.603-21-202418918
1514Cutthroat Trout 8.003-19-202417385
1515Cutthroat Trout8.203-14-202415871
1508Cutthroat Trout 9.003-12-202414356
1662Cutthroat Trout8.205-11-202312848
1639Cutthroat Trout8.305-09-202311186
1634Cutthroat Trout804-27-20239547
1600Cutthroat Trout804-25-20237913
1510Cutthroat Trout804-20-20236313
1538Cutthroat Trout804-18-20234803
1661Cutthroat Trout804-13-20233265
1604Cutthroat Trout804-11-20231604