Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area

Goshute Mountain is for the birds! This location is iconic for viewing raptors migrating through the area.
Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area
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The Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area is located approximately 24 miles southwest of West Wendover, off of U.S. Highway 93 Alternate. At 9,000 feet, the site sits in the middle of the Intermountain Flyway, one of the largest raptor migration corridors in the West. The Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area is infamous for providing vistors the opportunity to view thousands of raptors during the fall migration period (bulk passage is typically September 10th – October 14th). The site also sits partially within the Goshute Peak Wilderness Study Area, offering visitors additional backcountry camping and hiking opportunities.

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Elko County School District, NV, USA
41.2220182, -115.2837585

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The Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area is managed by the BLM, in cooperation with HawkWatch International. More information about the site can be found at: https://hawkwatch.org/goshutes. There are no services at the site so visitors should plan ahead for food, water, and restroom needs. Although wildlife may be seen anywhere within the area, visitors planning to access the HawkWatch raptor viewing site should also be prepared to hike a moderately strenous 2.5 mile trail, with over 1,800 feet in elevation gain.