A hybrid bass produced by crossing a female white bass with a male striped bass. Hybrids closely resemble both striped bass and white bass making identification difficult, particularly for young fish. When comparing adult fish, the hybrid has a deep body and an arched back similar to the white bass. Wipers can often be distinguished by broken or irregular stripes on the front half of body and straight lines on the rear half of body. A mid-body break in line pattern occasionally occurs. In other parts of the country the wiper is known as the sunshine bass, palmetto bass or whiterock bass.

Bodies Of Water

  • Humboldt River - Pershing
  • Lahontan Reservoir
  • Rye Patch Reservoir
  • Washoe Lake

  • Counties

  • Elko County
  • Churchill
  • Lyon
  • Pershing
  • Washoe