Carson River

– The main Carson River begins near the town of Genoa where the east and west forks merge and it ends at the Carson Sink beyond Fallon. Pioneers (mid- to late 1800’s) originally fished for native trout, however, Comstock mining activities, channelization, water diversions, introduction of other fishes, and overharvesting caused the demise of cutthroat trout and limited the range of mountain whitefish.

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Fishing Report

We’re definitely near the end of the runoff season on the Carson. Flows have come down to about 500cfs on the East fork and just above 300cfs in Carson over the last few weeks and will continue to fall. Bright spinners, spoons, and plugs are fishing well in deeper pools and runs. Fly fisherman are using streamers and larger stonefly nymphs but should transition to more surface flies in the coming weeks. Hoppers fished with and without droppers are great all day through early summer.



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Pertinent Information

The Carson River fishery primarily begins at Mexican Dam (adjacent to Carson City) and ends in Dayton. Some fishing does occur in the river upstream of Ft. Churchill, but it depends on the flow and water conditions. The river is considered navigable, making it accessible to the public below the average high water line. However, land upstream of Mexican Dam is mostly private and it is difficult to find public access to the river. Entrance to the river, however, occurs frequently from Carson City to Dayton with Fort Churchill State Park being about the lower end of easily accessible public land. A put and take trout fishery occurs in these areas along with large- and smallmouth bass. Channel catfish and bullheads are caught more in the lower reaches near Ft. Churchill. A canoe/raft launch site along with a handicap access-fishing platform can be found at Camp Carson Park near Lloyd’s Bridge (Carson City). There is an additional boat launch/takeout at Morgan Mill Park near the BLM office.