Dufurrena Ponds

Dufurrena Ponds were built to deliver irrigation water to agricultural lands in Virgin Valley. They are located in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service administers. The ponds were purchased for their wildlife and recreational value.


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Dufurrena Pond Angler Guide Information


Pertinent Information

There are nine ponds maintained at the Dufurrena complex. However, Pond 19, Pond 20, Island Pond, and ponds found within the Magee Series contain the primary fisheries. Most ponds are less than 12 feet deep, but Magee Pond and Pond 20 are deeper at 14 feet. Pond size also varies, with Pond 20 the largest at 50 surface acres. Fish species most often encountered are white crappie, yellow perch, largemouth bass, redear sunfish, and bluegill. Pond 20 has consistently produced the best fishing, but yellow perch and white crappie dominate the catch at most ponds. The best time of year to fish for yellow perch is early spring, while June is the best time to catch crappie and bass. Fishing slows down during the hot part of summer and then picks up again in fall. Productive baits for yellow perch include worms, grubs, and leeches. Jigs work best for crappie and the standard lures such as crankbaits, topwater, and rubber worms work best for bass. Small poppers work well on redear sunfish. Camping is primitive at Virgin Creek Campground (just down the road from the ponds) at no fee. Outhouses are provided as well as a warm water pool and an enclosed shower.